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      Which type of collection service best fits each of your delinquent accounts?

Choosing the right type of collection service is critical, because the choice you make will ensure that you collect the highest percentage of what's owed to you.

LCA offers two types of collection service:

1–If you need a less aggressive form of collections, read about our convenient ARMS service (Accounts Receivable Management Systems) below.

2–For a more aggressive approach, learn more about our full collection service through LCA (Lanier Collection Agency.)

Introducing ARMS  – the automated extension of your business office

ARMS (Accounts Receivable Management Systems) is a program designed to assist medical offices and businesses with their accounts receivable collections before those accounts reach delinquent status.

ARMS can take the "sting" out of the collections process for those consumers who have been delinquent for only a short period of time.

ARMS is actually an automated business office that becomes an extension of your business office.

For example: Hospitals can set up a payment plan with a consumer, and then send the plan to ARMS to maintain.

How ARMS works:

  • Following the failure of in-house billing to generate payment, an account is outsourced to ARMS for a period of 45 to 60 days.

  • During this period, the guarantor (consumer) will be sent two notices and receive a preset number of telephone calls from a customer relations staff member to set up either full payment or an acceptable monthly payment plan.

  • All correspondence will be between ARMS and the consumer. This will relieve your stress of dealing directly with the consumer by removing you and your office from the loop.

  • When a consumer makes a payment, they make it directly to ARMS with statements sent by ARMS to the consumer.

  • Uncollected ARMS accounts will be forwarded to LCA (the full collection service) once the account reaches the completion of the ARMS cycle.

Why ARMS costs much less than full service collections

The fee for your ARMS service is considerably less than the fee that would be charged for the full collection service for the same account. This is because ARMS becomes part of the client's normal billing cycle without the overhead required for full collection services.

This substantial difference in fees makes ARMS very attractive for most medical offices and is much easier and more pleasant for your debting consumers to deal with.

To make an appointment to discuss how the ARMS Program can help your office run smoother, please call (912) 238-5252 or 1-800-595-0279 now.